Balcony Boosters: 5 Tips For Fall Decorations

leaves falling in autumnAutumn is right around the corner, which means crisp temperatures, color-changing leaves, and cozy sweaters. So as the days cool down, you’ll probably find yourself outside more often to enjoy the changing season. And what better place to relax than your apartment balcony? Apartment balconies can offer a charming and tranquil way to connect interior rooms with the outdoors while adding extra seating and attractive décor. Here are a few of our favorite balcony ideas:

Fall Plants

If you want to add more color in a natural way, consider fall-blooming plants to brighten your balcony. Flowers and vegetables like winter jasmine, snapdragons, carrots, and kale all thrive in cool temperatures so feel free to start an autumn garden this season!

Space-Saving FurnitureBalcony chairs

Don’t have a lot of space? One-bedroom apartments won’t always have a large balcony space, which makes finding outdoor furniture a challenge. Enter collapsible furniture. These adaptable furnishings are a practical solution to the space problem. Plus, you can store them inside when harsher winter weather rolls around.

Wall Art

By hanging artwork and decorations on your balcony wall, you can put a personalized touch to your porch or balcony design. If you don’t have any artwork you’re willing to put outside, try planting some climbing flowers. These flowering vines add a serene and elegant atmosphere.

Upcycle Furniture

For an inexpensive DIY project, upcycle pallet crate boxes or large wire spools to create extra seating or side tables. You can paint them in your favorite color or to match your existing balcony décor.


Decorated pillows and rugs will warm up your balcony, while also providing pops of color. If you have the space, keep a trunk outside for textile storage during wet weather. For a bohemian look, drape fabric down from the underside of your upstairs neighbor. Just remember to ask them first!


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