Apartment Living Goes to the Dogs

Girl and her blonde, retriever-like dog relaxing on apartment balconyWe love describing all of the amazing innovations that make apartment living one of the most sought-after ways to do life! We’ve spent time examining the benefits for every generation, from student renters to professional retirees. We’ve investigated the financial benefits and demonstrated how, in nearly every circumstance, people save money by being renters. From the benefits of location to the abundance of amenities, we dove deep to help you find the apartment you’ve always dreamed of.

But there’s one market that receives not nearly enough attention. So, as we wind down the “Dog Days of Summer,” we went looking for the K-9 perspective on why apartment renting is for the dogs.

@GoodDog103 writes: “Two paws up to my human for choosing the apartment where we live. There is an amazing dog park just steps away from my apartment door. And, every day, I get hang out with my neighbor pooches as we play chase the tail. The only thing that would make this better would be more treats.”

@HotUnderTheCollar says: “My favorite thing about my apartment is the view out of the window. Every day while my human is at work I watch the goofy squirrel outside. In fact, there is a branch that almost touches my third story window. When he gets too close I bark at him and let him know who the boss of this apartment is.”

@4paws4you declares: “Every Saturday, the bipeds in the small building next to the cement pond have treats. One day it was Puppuccinos and another day, it was vanilla ice cream and another day it was peanut butter biscuits. I love treats!”

@tailwags2u proclaims: “My apartment is the best place to roll over ever!”

@lovesbellyrub barks: “My human takes lots of trips and there is a nice lady who works at the apartment community who comes to take care of me while the human is gone. We play fetch, go for walks and she scratches my ears. I am happy to be living here.”

So there you have it, right from the horse’s – we mean dog’s mouth! Apartment living is not just a great choice for people, but for pooches too. So when you and your furry best friend are seeking new digs, make sure to visit ApartmentSearch.com. Our comprehensive national apartment listing helps you quickly find the home sweet home that’s right for you both. In fact, we are the only national apartment locating service that will reward you for using our apartment finding feature. Just let your next leasing agent know that you discovered your new apartment home on ApartmentSearch, and we’ll pay you up to $200 in rewards. That’s a lot of treats to help make apartment life all the better for you – and your dog.

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