Apartment Living in the Year of the Rooster

Close up of man's dress shoes, standing on asphalt with two arrows in front of himThe Lunar New Year (AKA Chinese New Year) is once again upon us. It arrives at a particular point in history where tumultuous times are the center stage of news reports across the U.S. Fear not! This is the Year of the Rooster and change (whether wanted or not) is at the heart of this zodiac sign. For those seeking growth in life — whether mental, physical, or spiritual—this is a time of joy. But for those who are resistant to something different, the challenges will flourish because change is no longer coming… change is here. The decisions you make spurred by change is what will define you in 2017.

Change Careers, Change Apartments

Maybe the time has come for a new job or career. Many of you are reading this at your office. Take a moment to look around. Go ahead —we will wait for you. What did you see? As you looked around, did a smile come to your face, or did a dark cloud form above your head? Are you observing an office where the highlight of your day is the end of a shift? Are you tired of your co-workers and managers? Maybe the time has come to head out to new frontiers. Austin, Denver, and Nashville were listed as the top 3 cities in the US for job seekers to start 2017. If the time has come for a new life and a new job, these cities may be a great place to embrace change.

You may also want to consider the time and money you spend commuting to and from your job. In Baltimore, the average time spent commuting per week is nearly five hours. In New York City, it is more than six hours per week. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, staring at the tail end of the car in front of you, is no way to live life. Even within your own city, a new location may be the change that makes the Year of the Rooster a year to celebrate.

Change Your Apartment, Change Your Life

Maybe change is less about your job and more about your daily surroundings. Has the apartment you once saw as a wonderful refuge from the world become just another thing that is burdening your soul? Are the new neighbors just a bit too noisy? Are things falling apart? Are you tired of slogging up and down the stairs multiple times per day? Change is ready to embrace you and help you once again love where you live. The time to find a new apartment has come.

When the time comes to change where you live, ApartmentSearch has the tools you need to make that change easy. Our free online apartment locator has comprehensive listings that span from coast to coast. Narrow where you want to live by cost, neighborhood, amenities, and the things that matter most to you. In fact, ApartmentSearch will even provide you with up to $200 in rewards when you tell your new apartment community that you found them on ApartmentSearch. That marks a good start to embracing the change that will help you achieve all of your goals in 2017.