5 Ways to Get The Most Out of 2017

African American woman in red sweater looking out over an expanse of water, hopeful for the new yearLets face it. For some, 2016 was a great year. But, for others (at least according to the Internet), it was a dumpster fire. From elections to celebrity deaths to epic movie fails, 2016 is likely a year people will try to greatly improve upon in the new year. For you, this means some things must change, others must improve, and some new items need to join the mix. These are our picks for 5 ways to get the most out of 2017.

1. Maybe it is time for a new place to live. Does your apartment fill you with dread? Do you look around and wonder, “How did I get myself into this mess?” In 2017, get a new place to live. Apartment rents are on the decline and there has never been a better time to upgrade to new digs. The tools available on www.apartmentsearch.com can make that search a piece of cake.

2. Surround yourself with happiness. Stop having a milk crate hold up your 60” LED 4K TV. Stop leaving you walls bare or having the only green in your space be the odd stain on the rug. Your space is just that…yours! And it is time for you to put things around you that better your life, lift your spirits, and help motivate you to power through each day. Be excited to come back to your awesome apartment. For furniture, we recommend the fine folks at www.cort.com. But why stop there? Go grab plants, decorations or even some new towels to turn your humble abode into a castle.

3. While you are at it, surround yourself with awesome tech. Think that Amazon Echo and Google Home are just passing fads? Think again. The new wave of technology is making life not only easier, but helping you save time and money as well. Soon your Amazon orders will be delivered by drone (and maybe even your take-out dinner as well), your fridge will tell you that you need more milk, and the world around you will be more digitally engaged than ever before. Start now and get ahead of the next digital revolution.

4. Now that you have more time, lets go have some fun. Get out and make memories. You can only take so many selfies from inside your place before they begin to look the same. When you find your next apartment, be sure that it is close to all the things you love to do and the people you love to be around. Location is everything, and it is time for you to spend your days in a place that makes it easy for you to do the things you love!

5. That means make every day memorable. Almost no one remembers the name of the person who sat next to you in third grade. But, from your apartment, you can create memories that last a lifetime. New friendships may form, new love may blossom, and new experiences will be enjoyed. Where you choose to call home in 2017 should be more than just a place to keep your stuff. It should be a place that you will always remember as home.