The Best Way to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment

Puppies sure look cute, don’t they? They’re so adorable and Instagram-able! However, the cuteness factor might lose some of its charms when it comes time for your pup to pee or poop. The task of potty training a puppy is hard enough as it is. It’s even more difficult when you and little Bella share an apartment on the 10th floor.

Don’t be discouraged, though. There are ways that you and Bella can make it through potty training at your apartment and eventually graduate to hassle-free “bathroom breaks.” Here are six tips to keep you from being pooped out by potty training.

Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy in an Apartment

1. Be patient.

You and your puppy are just getting to know each other, so it’s important to establish a strong bond early on and practice some patience. If you get frustrated or angry, that just complicates the potty-training process.

Patience also will come in handy in dealing with frequent trips outside so that Bella can do her business. Most apartment dwellers don’t have easy access to a yard in case of a potty emergency. Instead, they’ve got to navigate a staircase or an elevator to make it outdoors.

2. Be prepared.

If you live an apartment, you need to be prepared to do some potty training inside your place.

For instance, you might want to set up a potty area in your apartment and lay paper or potty pads there to avoid accidents when you can’t make it outside in time or if outdoor training isn’t an option. Or, you can even buy a doggy litter box. Yep, litter boxes aren’t just for cats.

Whether it’s a potty area or a litter box, make sure it’s in the same spot in your apartment, at least for a while. That way, your puppy learns to do her business in the same place each time, establishing a pattern.

3. Be smart.

If you’re typically away from your apartment for an extended period during the day, invest in a crate for your puppy.

Contrary to what you might think, keeping your puppy in a crate is not a cruel thing. Dogs are creatures of habit and want to create their own “home” within your apartment. Puppies and older dogs tend not to pee or poop in their own crate, as they don’t want to soil their surroundings.

Crate training your dog is far better than coming home to a puppy who has been roaming around your apartment and has made a mess. A crate also can serve as your puppy’s bedroom at night.

It’s worth mentioning that there is one product that goes well beyond a crate. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment provides a “bedroom” for your furry friend to sleep and move around, and a separate “bathroom” for your puppy to relieve herself. Imagine having a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment just for Bella!

4. Be kind.

When your puppy has a potty accident in your apartment, don’t rub her nose in the mess or scold her, says the American Kennel Club. Simply clean up the pee or poop and move on.

Also, use an enzymatic cleaner to spray the spot where the accident occurred to remove evidence of pee, suggests Preventive Vet. Dogs are likely to return to the “scene of the crime” when they get a whiff of urine.

Instead of punishing your pup for bad behavior, you should celebrate good behavior — in this case, a positive pee or poop experience. The American Kennel Club recommends gestures such as cheering, clapping or offering a treat. What dog doesn’t want a treat?

5. Be aware.

Monitor your puppy’s conduct and establish a potty schedule that aligns with your puppy’s needs. You might need to take her outside several times a day, at regular intervals so she can take care of business. (You also should feed your puppy around the same time each day to stick to a routine, according to Preventive Vet.)

In addition, look for signs that Bella is about to pee or poop where she’s not supposed to, the American Kennel Club says. For instance, if she starts squatting on your living room rug, she’s probably preparing to do No. 2. If you sense that your pup is going to relieve herself in your apartment, get ready to either grab her and race outside or take her to the designated potty area inside.

6. Be courteous.

Before you hurry out of your apartment building once you realize Bella needs a bathroom break — right away! — equip yourself with a container of cleanser and a rag, towel or napkin, Preventive Vet suggests. In case of an accident in a hallway, elevator or stairway, you can mop up the mess and not annoy your neighbors by leaving behind a puddle of pee or a pile of poop.

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