7 Spine-Tingling Signs Your Apartment Is Haunted

It’s spooky season! That means telling fireside ghost stories, carving pumpkins, and binge-watching all your favorite horror movies. But it also means werewolves, witches, monsters, and ghouls are afoot!

Is there a ghost in your apartment giving you trouble? Find out if your favorite haunt is, well, haunted. Watch for these seven spine-tingling signs of a haunting.

1. You feel like you’re being watched.

This feeling is so familiar that it even has a name: psychic staring effect. It’s the idea that humans can feel by extrasensory means when someone is looking at them.

Are you convinced you feel a presence near you, but you don’t hear or see anything? It could be a sign that someone—or something—is watching.

2. Your pets are acting weird.

Pets often react to unseen forces before we do. Have you ever heard stories of a dog anticipating a heart attack, or a fish predicting an earthquake? That’s because animals have heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight. Pay attention to what your furry friend is telling you. If your cat is looking at something behind you or your dog is barking at thin air, paranormal activity might be at play!

3. You feel a sudden temperature change, either cold or hot.

Don’t ignore sudden hot or cold spots in your apartment! Paranormal investigators often attribute these occurrences to spiritual activity. Of course, you’ll want to check if any windows are open or your A/C is broken, first. While you’re at it, have you considered winterizing your apartment?

4. Household objects mysteriously disappear then show up in other places.

Do things in your apartment disappear randomly, only to show up in plain sight a few days later? This anomaly has an official name, too! It’s called disappearing object phenomenon, and it has scientists asking: “Why?”

Attributing this phenomenon to absent-mindedness or to theft is relatively easy. But when those possibilities don’t check out, only one remains: a poltergeist! These mischievous spirits love to stir up trouble and haunt apartments.

5. You hear unexplained footsteps, whispers, thuds, or voices.

This a classic telltale sign of ghostly activity. Whether it’s footsteps in the kitchen or howling in the coat closet, unexplained noises in your apartment can be quite spooky. Keep in mind that older apartment complexes often creak and moan when they settle, so don’t assume the worst before you rule out other explanations. You may also want to make sure you’re not dealing with noisy neighbors.

6. You have electrical problems—like faulty appliances or flickering lights.

Some believe spirits can suck the battery life out of your electrical devices or manipulate appliances and light switches. Paranormal investigators even use electromagnetic devices to find ghosts! So keep an eye on your battery life.

7. You wake up between the hours of 3 and 4 AM with feelings of dread.

This is the witching hour. According to tradition, the hour between 3 and 4 AM is the most active time for paranormal entities due to the absence of canonical Christian prayers during this period. Be wary if you wake up in the dead of night! You might be living in a haunted apartment….

Halloween started as a way to honor lost souls who might still be with us. Do you have a few roaming around your apartment? Host a Halloween party (if you’re not too spooked)! And, if you’re one of the 30% of Americans who’d consider living in a haunted house, check out this list of America’s five most haunted cities.

With ApartmentSearch, you don’t have to keep your haunted apartment under wraps like a mummy! Get some guts and move out of there. We’ll help you find the exact apartment you’re looking for—but we can’t guarantee it’s ghost-free!