How to Start Recycling in Your Apartment Community

If you’re a renter and your community doesn’t offer the option to recycle, what can you do to make your world a greener, cleaner place?

Every apartment community should offer its residents a chance to recycle, but if yours doesn’t, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways you can help spark your very own recycling revolution.

Read on to learn how to start recycling in your community so you can help keep the earth cleaner and make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Petition Your Landlord (AKA Ask Nicely)

If your condo or apartment complex doesn’t currently offer the option of recycling, that doesn’t mean you can’t start. Begin by talking to other residents to get an idea of how they feel about the prospect.

Once you have enough neighbors on board with the idea, start a petition to submit to the landlord or property manager. Make sure your request clearly states your goal, along with what you expect from a community recycling program.

To be convincing, borrow some stats from Recycle Across America to help your landlord see the benefits of recycling. Make your case using as many facts as you can, and try to leave your emotions out of it.

The landlord needs to see how recycling can not only benefit the residents but how it can benefit the entire complex as well. It may surprise them to know that apartment recycling bins can help to save on expenses.

For example, using proper recycling receptacles can reduce the overall trash bill. Most garbage removal companies charge by the weight or size of the load, and recycling can make it much smaller, potentially decreasing the property’s trash removal cost.

In addition to saving on dumpster service costs, recycling may also create a potential new source of revenue for the landlord. Most recyclables can be taken into waste management facilities and exchanged for cash. In high volumes, items like aluminum and glass can bring in decent sums.

The Many Perks of Recycling

Today’s renters are more environmentally conscious than the generation before them, so, for many properties, adding recycling makes financial sense. Offering recycling as an amenity is an excellent way for your landlord to draw in environmentally-friendly residents. Plus, it can create a real sense of community and provide bonding opportunities for tenants.

Additionally, having renters sort their trash into landfill and recycling bins can promote a cleaner complex by preventing dumpster overflow — yuck! Not only is a ton of garbage unsightly, but it’s also smelly and a potential health hazard. Use this information to make your case when you ask the landlord about recycling.

How to Start Recycling on Your Own

If you’re still wondering how to start recycling when you live in a place that doesn’t offer it, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of things you can do to begin the process on your own.

First, consider switching from plastic to reusable grocery bags. Just this one simple act can reduce your consumption and excess waste by leaps and bounds.

Instead of buying bottled water, consider using a portable or sports-style water bottle instead. The same goes for your coffee. Skip the Starbucks and make your own, bringing it to work in a reusable coffee mug.

You can always separate your trash and bring any recyclable items directly to your local recycling center. Not only will you feel great about this simple act, but you may also make a bit of extra cash as well.

If you’re close to some of your neighbors, consider getting together and creating your recycling plan. Come up with a central location where everyone can drop off their recyclable items, and a list of volunteers to help take them to a waste management center.

There are plenty of ways you can practice a more eco-friendly lifestyle, even while living in an apartment. Plus, you might just inspire other residents to follow suit.

Make Your Community Clean

The simple act of recycling can reduce the amount of waste in our environment. If your current apartment complex doesn’t offer this option, there’s no need to worry. With some determination and education, you can change the world plastic bottle at a time.

Starting a recycling program in your apartment or community can have a positive impact on the earth and your peace of mind! If you’re not satisfied by how your current apartment complex handles recycling, don’t waste any time. Find a more eco-friendly apartment today with ApartmentSearch.