Sweet Things to Do for Your Roommate on Valentine’s Day

Everywhere you look, there are oversized teddy bears, boxes of chocolates, and hearts galore — yes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re feeling the love toward your roommate or you’re just trying to get by until your lease is up, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something sweet and rack up brownie points with the person sharing your space. Who knows, they just might prove to be the best roommate you’ll ever have. Check out a few ways to spoil your beloved roomie this February 14th!

1. Go above and beyond your cleaning duties.

If the two of you divide household chores, choose a few of your roommate’s tasks and complete them when they’re not around. Unload the dishwasher even if it isn’t your turn, or put away the coffee supplies they left on the counter when they were running late. This sweet gesture can make their whole Valentine’s Day and show them just how much you appreciate them! Who doesn’t like coming home to a clean apartment?

2. Cook for them.

Whether your roommate is an aspiring chef or more the frozen chicken nuggets type, who doesn’t like being treated to a homemade dinner? Ask them to choose a night when they’ll be home at dinnertime and prepare dinner for the two of you. Not only do they get a nice break from cooking, it also gives you a night to catch up and bond as roommates. If you take it a step further and make one of their favorite dishes, you might just be the best roommate ever.

3. Plan a day of fun together.

Your budget might not allow for a full-fledged weekend getaway, but you can still plan a perfect staycation for you and your roommate! Head to a local park for a free event, or stay in on a Saturday for a DIY spa day (complete with cozy bathrobes and a Netflix binge, of course). Find out something your roommate has wanted to do but hasn’t made time for, and then make plans to do it together! This is a perfect chance to play tourist in your own city and check off some bucket list items together.

4. Bring home their favorite sweet treat.

If your roommate has a sweet tooth, this might just be the way to their heart. Find a cupcake shop or bakery and pick them up a special goody on your way home from work. If you know their favorite candy, bring some home from your next grocery run. Make it extra special by pairing it with a short, handwritten note to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day!

5. Surprise them with flowers or a small gift.

Thoughtful surprises can go a long way with your roommate. Find that book they’ve been wanting to read and leave it on their bedside table, or give them something you made yourself, like a goofy card or small craft. Pick them up a beautiful bouquet, and you’ll both get to enjoy them in your apartment!

If you have the best roommate around, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show them your appreciation. After all, peaceful cohabitation is not something to take for granted! If your feelings towards your roommate aren’t exactly mushy, maybe it’s time to kiss your living situation goodbye. Hey, you can’t win over every heart. If you’re ready to move out and move on, find apartment rentals near you on ApartmentSearch. Sign a new lease and get a $200 reward—perfect for treating yourself this Valentine’s Day!