Top 7 Apartment Design Trends

Kate Good HeadshotKate Good, best known in the multi-family industry as a professional speaker with the Apartment All Stars Tour and an author, is also a developer. As a partner in the development company Hunington Residential, Good designed and built Vargos on Lake in Houston, Texas, and is working on her second community, The Vic on Park Row, also in Houston.

ApartmentSearch recently caught up with Good to find out the latest design trends in apartment communities. The hot design trends and amenities across the U.S. include:

  1. Relaxation isn’t just for the couch anymore. “Especially with the trend toward smaller apartments, people are looking for a place outside their home for relaxation, such as the community’s yoga room, the club room, the game room or walking trails,” Good said. Communities with graduate students and other residents who like to be around less noise can designate quiet spaces that have a library fee, so residents can study.
  2. Amenities and services for pet abound. “We feel differently about our pets now than several years ago; they are full-fledged family members. My dog, for example, has a nanny and play dates,” Good said. As a result, communities are offering dog parks, dog-walking services, dog washes and “yappy hours”.
  3. Smaller apartments are in. “Studio and one-bedroom apartments are very popular right now. We are downsizing the square footage, because we are upsizing the rent per square foot. Residents are getting into a nicer apartment community, but staying within their budget,” Good said.
  4. Apartments go high-tech. Automatic lighting and temperature control systems that are popular in new homes are also being offered at many apartment communities. *Kate – can you add a line here?
  5. Closets get dressed up. More communities plan to add special “shoe closets”, built-in shelves in bedroom closets, after Good started the trend at Vargos on the Lake. In addition, more communities are adding islands within closets, which include drawers and benches with hampers.
  6. Smaller furniture is in. “People are staying in apartments longer, so they typically have more apartment-sized furniture. This is where CORT comes into play. With their wide array of furniture rental option, they can help apartment residents find the style that is right without having to spend huge amounts of cash to buy something new and cumbersome.
  7. Guest suites offer convenience. “Because we are so building many one-bedroom apartments, residents need to have someplace for their guests. At Vargos on the Lake, we built guest suites that we rent out by the night. They feel like a hotel room, with a full bath, king-size bed, furniture and cable,” Good said.

For those shopping for a new apartment, Good believes the most important factor is to “look for an apartment community that fits your lifestyle”. “If you are new to an area, you want to meet your neighbors, so look beyond just a floor plan; look at the community’s activity calendar,” she said. For example, communities that host regular food truck events or arrange for a group of residents to attend a sporting event, provide opportunities to make friends and socialize.

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