6 Up and Coming Chicago Neighborhoods You Need to Experience

Chicago is only as good as its neighborhoods. Luckily, they’re pretty amazing!

Want to know which up-and-coming Chicago neighborhoods practically guarantee a standout experience for you and your friends? Want to know where to go for the best sights, sounds, and activities? Here’s your rundown:

If culture is your thing …

… then you have to check out Pilsen. This Lower West Side neighborhood is steeped in the rich traditions of its large Hispanic population and dotted with taquerias, panaderias, and bodegas. You’ll also be able to check out several art galleries and some exceptional murals. Named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the entire world, Pilsen is THE place for culture in Chicago.

Also worth a look: It’s been said that the diverse residents of West Ridge speak about 80 different languages between them. Consider the variety of shops, restaurants, and community spaces required to cater to such a global gathering, and you have the makings of very fulfilling new stomping grounds!

If food is your thing …

… check out the South Side’s Bridgeport. Don’t expect the pastel-colored backdrop of a Food Network special—Bridgeport is about manufacturing, baseball (the White Sox), and its working-class roots. However, it’s also a neighborhood that loves its food. Whether you’re after duck, nachos, pizza, chicken shawarma, locally sourced meals, or an eco-friendly sit-down, Bridgeport will be able to satisfy you with a different culinary experience each day of the week. It owes that kitchen eclecticism to its cultural diversity, which is perhaps the neighborhood’s greatest attribute.

Also worth a look: West Loop, Bridgeport’s once-industrial, now-posh cousin. It’s also an excellent place for food lovers looking for adventure and variety.

If nightlife is your thing …

… check out Lincoln Park on the city’s North Side. If Pilsen is the place for culture in Chicago, Lincoln Park is the place to pass the late-night hours with a vibrant crowd. In a dive-bar mood? Lincoln Park can help. Want a trendy whiskey bar? Lincoln Park is your place. Itching for some live music? B.L.U.E.S., Wild Hare, and Kingston Mines await. Yes, there are beautiful homes, the lakefront, the conservatory: a wonderful Chicago community. But the nightlife can’t be overlooked!

Also worth a look: Batman, The Blues Brothers, and a bunch of battling Transformers would all agree that The Loop is a great place to pass some time. (It’s also a place Hollywood can’t stop making movies!) Inexpensive? Hardly. But The Loop is as world-class a neighborhood as you can get this side of London.

If an apartment search is your thing …

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