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Gingerbread man in Thanksgiving Day paradePass the pumpkin pie and prepare the stretchy pants! Ponder the Christmas decorations that are already out in stores! It’s November, which marks the beginning of the holiday season and more importantly, a food lover’s dream. On a day dedicated to family, football, and feasting until your pants don’t fit, there’s no better way to kick it off than with a parade full of holiday spirit. Check out these seven turkey-ific parades you’ve got to see.

New renter reviewing their apartment lease agreement with pen in handTalk about nerve wracking! Applying for an apartment and reading over the lease or rental agreement can definitely bring beads of sweat to your forehead. Lease agreements are contracts that define tenant-landlord relationships and often use confusing “legalese.” Even the simplest apartment leases can use some pretty uncommon terms and phrases. Do you really know what everything means? It may be good to double check your lease know-how before signing on the dotted line. Here are some quick and easy definitions for common lease terms to help you understand what you’re signing.

Old abandoned house. Black and white. Dark tone.After an October haunted by pumpkin spice lattes and kids’ costume displays, it’s time to break out the real scares. While your neighborhood may claim to have the best haunted house ever, does it have its very own petrifying poltergeists or resident ghosts and ghouls? If you’re ready for shivers down your spine, read on to hear about the top six creepy, hair-raising, and downright spooky apartment complexes in the United States!

Little boy standing in front of the window and trying to open rotating the crank handle. Baby proofing. Child proofing. Danger of household items for babies and toddlers.Between birthing classes and baby name books, expecting parents have a lot on their minds. To help make sure everything is ready for your upcoming bundle (or bundles!) of joy, try to keep things simple and stress-free. When it comes to childproofing your apartment, work smarter not harder. Follow our simple guidelines on how to make your apartment safer for its newest, and smallest, resident without giving yourself a headache in the process.

Modern Dining Room with Black and White Rug

By Merri Cvetan

You found the perfect apartment to fit your lifestyle. You love the windows and view; it has big rooms with plenty of storage and a killer kitchen. Then, you look down and notice the floors aren’t so pretty. If your landlord isn’t too keen on replacing the linoleum or tile, you’re stuck, right? Not so fast—an area rug can come to the rescue.

Group of multi-ethnic friends sitting on the couch and cheering enthusiastically for a variety of Olympic sports teams“U.S.A.! U.S.A!” Or whichever country you’re hollering for! Regardless of what you’re yelling at the TV, it’s no secret why: the summer Olympics are almost here (Hint: They’re August 5 to 21, 2016). Two words in that last sentence are great reasons to throw a party: summer, and of course, the Olympics! So grab your flags, craft your little heart out, and whip up mom’s famous seven-layer dip. Follow our handy Olympic party guide to throw the ultimate apartment shindig!

Portrait of beautiful young woman with dog playing in her apartmentYou’re moving. What are you gonna do without your BFF?! Don’t worry. New friends are just around the corner. If you’re moving to a new apartment, keep texting those old friends but start looking for new ones, right here! Turns out, they don’t even have to be human. Check out our hand-groomed list of apartment-friendly pets and find your ultimate furry friend for life.

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA, lit up on a summer evening

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA.

Independence Day falls on a Monday this year. That means it’s time to prepare yourself for a 3-day weekend crammed full of the sunniest, ice creamiest (and dare we say) booziest summer fun imaginable! And this year there’s no better place to celebrate the 4th of July than Atlanta, Georgia. Sure, the experts at the Travel Channel named Atlanta the number one destination for fireworks in the United States, but there’s more to the perfect 4th of July weekend than high quality pyrotechnics. We’re talking about food, music, parties, enjoying nature, and celebrating American history: Atlanta has it all. Whether you are the outdoorsy type or strictly an urban explorer, we’ve got your perfect 4th of July weekend all planned out…