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Young Man In WheelchairAccording to the 2010 U.S. Census, 19 percent of the American population had a disability, which means approximately 56.7 million people require special living arrangements. Finding the right apartment is hard enough. If you have a physical disability, locating an accessible apartment community that is affordable can be even more challenging. From wide hallways to low electrical outlets and countertops, accessible apartments feature a number of amenities that allow for more comfortable living.

Solving EquationWhy US Millennials, Baby Boomers Choose the Apartment Lifestyle

More Americans, of every age and economic bracket, are choosing to live in apartments. They love the convenient, affordable lifestyle that apartments offer much more than the burdens and expenses of home ownership. Baby boomers – typically empty-nesters – and Millennials, those between 18 and 34 years old, are two of the biggest demographic groups renting apartments now, said Angela Sweet, Director of Destination Services for CORT.

Solving Problem On LaptopTop Tips for International Apartment-Seekers

Finding the right apartment in the U.S. in the current rental market can be quite a challenge, especially when you are relocating from abroad. The national apartment occupancy rate is over 95 percent and rents have increased an average of five percent across the country in recent months. In certain cities, such as San Francisco and New York, that makes finding and securing the perfect apartment for you and your family tougher than ever. Several different applicants can be competing for the same apartment, as soon as it becomes available.

Roommates Making PizzaMore so now than ever before, adults, young and old, are living with roommates. In almost every major city, the percentage of homes now being shared by roommates has jumped considerably in the past ten years. It might be to save on rent, live in a larger space, or even just because a little extra company is ideal – but whatever the cause, apartment dwellers are consistently looking to outfit their two bedroom apartment with another resident. Here are 5 reasons why renting with roommates is more popular than ever.

ApartmentsAn apartment is more than just a cost-effective housing option. It is more than what people who cannot afford to purchase a home rely on. It is more than just a place to call home during college or an extended business relocation. An apartment is a reflection of you – it is your home. It is the place that you have chosen to live because of the amenities and lifestyle it provides you.

Apartments Offer Variety

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of different options that you can choose from that make an apartment more than just four walls. If you want a view of nature, such as trees or a lake, there are apartments for you. If you need or want to live in the ground floor, there are a myriad of apartment homes available to you. If you prefer to live on the top floor of a building in order to cut down the noise and have a great view, you can have that. If you want to live in a community that has complimentary tennis courts, they are out there. The options for the place you will call home are virtually endless.

Moving DayWe’ve all heard relocation horror stories and, sometimes, we’re even subject to moving maladies of our own. Nevertheless, there’s nothing more satisfying than a successful move. To avoid the moving madness all together, consider a few (or all) of these free apps, and let your smart phone become your moving day command center. The next time you’re making a moving checklist, don’t forget about these helpful tools – you’ll never have to be stressed about a big move again!

Get Prepared

Be prepared for the big day with the free Evernote app available for both Android and iPhone. Use Evernote to take inventory, jot dot quick notes, and even save articles that your find on the web for deferred reading. You can use the app to make actual checklists and because it’s passcode protected, Evernote can be used for safely storing information like an apartment access code or Wi-Fi password.

Finding Apartment OnlineAs you enter your final years of college or are returning for your post-graduate degree, the things you seek in an apartment have changed. The trappings of quad-style student housing living, overflowing with excited freshmen and sophomores – along with the parties and noise they produce – have been replaced with the desire to lead a quieter, more focused life. For you and your family members or roommates, there are numerous off-campus apartments that could be a perfect fit for you. But how do you choose the one that is right for you?

City Of Milwaukee SkylineLocated in the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers a lot of things besides the cold. Although Milwaukee is considered one of the chilliest metropolitan areas in the country, it has many different ways to keep you warm and comfortable. In fact, Milwaukee features a number of amazing bars, breweries, up-and-coming restaurants, and even local-favorite frozen custard shops. So after you’ve settled into your Milwaukee apartment, stop by a few of our favorite places to eat and drink around town.

Breweries and Bars

Regardless of whether you like beer in bottles, cans, kegs, or from the tap, you can’t go wrong with getting an ice cold brew in Milwaukee. As the self-proclaimed “City that Beer Built”, Milwaukee is home to countless microbreweries, taverns, brewpubs, and historical beer tours. (And yes, it is true that Milwaukee has more bars than grocery stores.) Stop by the historic Pabst Brewery, grab a Belgian bier at Cafe Hollander, or relax on the largest outdoor patio in Milwaukee at Horny Goat Hideaway.

Redecorating your living room shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! If you are looking to overhaul your living space or recently moved into an entirely new space, keep these modern interior design tips in mind.

Living Room With Patterned Furniture

Play With Patterns

If you’re looking to add something more colorful to your living space, patterns offer a fun way to mix it up. The trick to working with patterns is to stick with the same color scheme. So if your pattern has greens, blues, and grey, have a few solid color furniture pieces to anchor down the space.

DIY CorkHey pal, put a cork in it! In your apartment decorating, that is. Corks aren’t just for popping champagne and making bulletin boards. Saving corks from bottles can pay off in some seriously awesome DIY décor. From one-bedroom apartments to townhouses, here are 5 ways any renter can finally put all those leftover wine corks to good use.

Favorable Table Labels

Halve the cork vertically, then make a ¼-inch horizontal cut on the rounded sides of your two cork halves. Place the halves flat side down, and ta-da! It’s a couple of tiny cardholders. Host a dinner party and put them to good use—make place cards for your guests, or put out hors d’oeuvres platters and name all those unusual-looking cheeses.